Hi, I’m Kyle Green.

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Recognized as a top franchise agent in British Columbia since 2011, Kyle’s insights have been featured in major publications. He’s celebrated for his innovative financial strategies, including a notable transaction involving a $1.15 million property financed entirely through strategic partnerships.


Kyle Green, a dedicated mortgage broker since 2006, specializes in investment properties. His extensive experience, including his long-standing collaboration with the Real Estate Action Group and various investors, underscores his expertise in navigating complex financing landscapes.


As the owner of Origin Mortgages and Green Mortgage, Kyle leads a dynamic team of over 40 agents. His leadership is demonstrated through directing a brokerage that consistently achieves over $1bn in annual funded volume, marking him as a leader in Canada’s mortgage industry.


Kyle Green covers a range of essential topics in his newsletters, including mortgages, interest rates, bonds, and market updates. His approach combines in-depth analysis with practical advice, aimed at helping both novice and experienced investors in building and managing their real estate portfolios.